Dog Training Business Owners

Are you looking for a CONSISTENT and RELIABLE way to get new clients ?

Gas Media Digital is an agency tailored to help dog training businesses grow.


Step 1:

We create targeted ad campaigns to attract your ideal prospect

Step 2:

Our system qualifies the leads, ensuring that only high-quality prospects move forward in the process.

Step 3:

Qualified prospects are then scheduled into your calendar for consultations, using our efficient and automated scheduling system.

Step 4:

We optimize the ad campaign to hit the KPI'S and start scaling to hit your goal

Boost Your Dog Training Business with our Barketing Solutions.

To scale your dog training business, generating leads and relying on referrals is not enough. You need a reliable system that helps you grow your business predictably and effortlessly every month. That's exactly why we created our "Canines On Demand" System. This system helps you achieve your monthly client and revenue goals predictably and efficiently.

Who is it For ?

"Canines On Demand" System is for dog trainers who want to scale their dog training business with automated marketing that generates new customers on-demand.

WHat is it ?

"Canines On Demand" System is a "Done-With-You" Marketing System for dog trainers that want to add an extra 3-5 clients in their calendar every month.

Why We Exist ?

We created the "Canine On Demand" System to help dog trainers across the United States grow their business without having a headache of "lead handling", poor show rates, and low ROI.


  • Generates Your Leads

  • Qualifies Your Leads

  • Contacts Your Leads

  • ​​​Schedules Your Leads​​​

  • ​​​We Make Sure They Show Up​​​

  • Helps Scale Your Business Without Any Headache

Why You Should Have customers on Demand and scale ?

WHY should you scale your dog training business?

Well the answer is easy: You will not be worried about every little penny.

It goes beyond financial gains. It provides a solid foundation for growth of your business, personal fulfillment, and the ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of dogs and their owners.

You can have an assistant, hire employees and buy services or software to reduce your workload. Maybe you have been thinking about
a facility for a board and train program? Don't you think that having more time for yourself and your clients would be nice?

Posting content on social media non stop, giving business cards and following up with leads on your own all the time -- does that sound like you?

You consistently add work to your schedule and you have to trade off time that you could be spending with your loved-ones or training more puppies.

Scaling your business and having a consistent flow of clients will eliminate all those time consuming tasks and you will be able to leverage your business.

Why most dog trainers cannot scale their bussness.

  1. Limited Marketing and Business Skills: Many dog trainers excel in their training abilities but lack marketing and business. Running a successful dog training business requires effective marketing strategies, lead generation, and client retention.

  2. Pricing and Value Perception: Some trainers may underprice their services, undervaluing the expertise. This can lead to difficulty in increasing rates and reaching higher income thresholds.

  3. Time-Intensive Nature of Training: Dog training often involves one-on-one sessions, which can be time-consuming. Trainers may find it challenging to take on a high volume of clients while maintaining the quality of their services.

  4. Lack of Specialization: Specialized training services, such as behavior modification or working with specific breeds, can command higher fees. Trainers who don't specialize may face more competition and struggle to increase their rates.

  5. Limited Service Offerings:

    Offering only basic obedience training may limit the potential for additional revenue streams, such as group classes, online courses, or workshops.

  6. Business Management Challenges: Managing administrative tasks, client communications, scheduling and following up with leads + on top of all that providing your services.

By implementing our DONE WITH YOU "Canines On Demand" System into your business you will save yourself countless hours, consistently generate new clients and finally start scaling your business without having to do anything yourself.


We do all the work for you to get qualified prospects in your calendar.

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